Next Weight Loss Retreat in Tulum!

As many of you reading this know we have held weight loss retreats all over Mexico and I am am excited to announce to you all that our next retreat will be held here in Tulum!

For those who have not heard of Tulum it’s a beautiful little beach town south of Cancun in Mexico and is the ideal place for us to hold our next retreat. This weight loss retreat is going to focus on making mental progress to gain control and exercise our new found power to set goals, milestones and to change habits to make success inevitable.

pic of the Mexico Weight Loss Retreat resort in Tulum
The resort for our next Mexico Weight Loss Retreat… really excited!

Like with all my retreats I believe in a detoxification process to get us all in a relaxed and cleansed state before starting the main focus on the program. For this weight loss program we shall be doing a Mayan inspired cleanse combined with a variety of organ cleanses, herbal steam saunas, and deep tissue massage.

By the end of your detox you will likely feel refreshed and rejuvenated, revitalized and ready to delve into emotional eating and negative thought patterns that lead to unhealthy habits and gaining weight. We shall look into our daily routines and how to start the day in a way that sets you up to be consistent and stick to your commitments and vision for yourself. As well as a range of techniques to use when “triggered” or feeling stressed.

All too often when we are in our ordinary everyday life we suffer from stress or perhaps a certain person just has an effect on you that you turn to food as a way to calm yourself down; well now you will have pre-set rituals to deal with these situations. You see by setting these up Before you are triggered you will ensure that you can keep to your goals and realize your vision for yourself because you now know exactly what to do when feeling low or stressed.

We will dig further into these on the retreat yet I really can’t stress enough how important it is that you learn and utilize the tools and strategies in your daily life. It’s all well and good to come and lose weight on my programs, you will! Yet keep yourself on track, focused and living a healthy lifestyle by continuing your healthy habits when you return home and are back to real life.

So this is really what I wanted to publish first, of course there is a lot more that I shall be adding to this page in the coming weeks, — like the launch date, yet for now I just wanted to publish this and talk about the mental coaching and habit change that we shall focus on in this coming Mexico Weight Loss Retreat in Tulum.

Thanks and blessings to you all,


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  1. Thanks Maria just received your email and hoping we can make it to your retreat made such a difference for us last time and hoping we can make it

  2. hi Maria just quick question on this weight loss retreat we will be doing the full detoxification including all the cleanses you had last time? that was great and am moving things around now trying to make space for the vacation this year

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