Your Weight Loss Vacation Starts Here

Ever wondered how movie stars and celebrities lose weight and get in such phenomenal shape so fast? You guessed it! They attend weight loss vacation resorts and follow fitness programs just like the Mexico Weight Loss Retreat provides in Tulum.

Just an hour and a half from Cancun airport you arrive at the most magnificent health and wellness destination where your weight loss journey begins. And rest assured this is more than just a holiday, you’re here to lose weight and through our nutrition program, exercise and detoxification you’re soon losing weight and dramatically improving your health and fitness.

By the time you’re ready to go home and show off your new slim and healthy body to your friends and family, you will have done more than just lost weight, — you are now living a healthy and vibrant lifestyle!

And that’s what it’s all about. Learning the tools and strategies and developing the habits that keep your body not only in great shape, yet healthy so you can avoid the health problems like heart disease, diabetes and so many other nasty illnesses that come from living an unhealthy lifestyle.

So if you think that you may just have had enough with feeling low, or not having enough energy, if you’re fed up with being overweight and not looking and feeling your best… then come and join us at the Mexico Weight Loss Retreat and make a difference in your life starting today.

We’re here to help you and we live the lifestyle ourselves, so you’ll find a friend in us just like you will with the like-minded people just like you who travel to Mexico for affordable, yet highly effective, weight loss retreats in Tulum and the Cancun area.

Make today the day that you say YES, I can do it — and I will.

Having excess fat and being overweight is not serving me, it’s not helping me reach my goals. I am going to finally do it! I am going to lose my weight and embrace a new healthy lifestyle that fits with my vision for myself… And Why?

Because I want to be the very best version of myself I can be, and Mexico Weight Loss Retreat is exactly the vacation resort to make it happen for you.

So contact us and take your first step to living the life you want, in a body that’s fit, healthy and strong.

Many blessings,


4 thoughts on “Your Weight Loss Vacation Starts Here”

  1. We both loved your weight loss retreat in Cabo last year and actually had a fantastic time in Mexico on the whole and are planning on making it your next retreat in Tulum this year, let’s do it!

  2. Thanks Maria for all you do to help sufferers of obesity like me and you will be happy to know I have maintained the 23 pounds I lose on your retreat from last time.. yet still struggle


  3. Looks like this could be a very good vacation for all the family to lose weight and also to bond and become closer to one another i don’t think we do it enough really

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